How to Analyze an Offer

The most effective way to analyze an offer is to score it using our seven areas of assessment. Create a scorecard, and carefully rate each area to come to a final total reflecting the suitability of the position. 

The 7 Areas of Assessment

  1. The Job 
  2. Career Potential
  3. Learning Potential 
  4. Co-workers/Atmosphere 
  5. Location 
  6. Money 
  7. Gut Feeling 

There will always be an emotional aspect to every hire, which is why this seven-segment assessment is so handy. The maximum total score is 70, and the minimum is 0. Scores of 0-34 should not be considered at all. In fact, you should not be receiving offers from companies that fall into this category. If you are, then you are wasting your time interviewing with the wrong businesses and people. Offers that have a score higher than 55 are at the upper end of the scale. These are offers you should usually accept with no qualms. Offers yielding a score ranging between 35 and 54 need to carefully contemplated. Firstly, what can you do about the offer? Secondly, which points need to be improved on, and can this be discussed with the company?

How to Get A Developer Job in Berlin: Appendix

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Part 6Handing In Your Resignation

Considering a Resignation from Your Current Role?

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Part 5 Of Caissa's How To Get A Job Guide - Analysis Tips For Accepting Or Rejecting A Job Offer