After encountering a situation whereby Caissa Global Recruitment had to let an employee go, the company opted to find a replacement with the help of an external, specialized agency. With the experience current, here’s a breakdown of exactly what made working with a recruitment agency a better idea than utilizing our own expertise and networks.

Caissa Recruitment - Focused on Providing the Best

Caissa’s prime focus is on hiring developers and tactical leadership. Creating the networks and relationships that allow for effective recruitment within a specific industry like software engineering takes a considerable investment in time and resources, financial and human — the quality that customers depend on, hinges upon that very specialization. 

It’s Nothing But Simple Mathematics

When one compares the cost in time of the average hire, it far extends a month’s salary despite equating to a full month’s time in work. Downtime and onboarding skyrocket the expenditure. We turn to a specialized recruiter to sustain the market excellence of our service and devote all of our time to our clientele.

Here’s a conservative time estimate of your average hire:

  • Rating the Job Advert - 1 Hour
  • Screening Candidate Applications - 100 Application Average, 3 Mins Each - 5 Hours Total 
  • Drafting Reply Emails to 20 Long-Listed Applicants - 5-Minutes/email - 1 Hour 40 Minutes Total
  • Scheduling First Interviews for Fifteen Candidates - 10 Minutes/Candidate - 2 ½ Hours
  • Interviewing 12 Candidates - 60-Minutes/Candidate - 120 Hours
  • Drafting Post Interview Feedback - 10 Minutes/Candidate - 2 Hours
  • Rejecting Six Candidates with Basic Feedback - 1 Hour
  • Scheduling Six Candidates for Second Interviews - 1 Hour
  • Second Interview with Six Candidates - 60 Minutes/Candidate - 6 Hours
  • Discussing and Drafting Feedback - 15 Minutes/Candidate - 1 ½ Hours
  • Rejecting Four Candidates With Feedback - 10 Minutes/Candidate - 40 Minutes
  • Scheduling Two Candidates for Final Interviews - 10 Minutes/Candidate - 20 Minutes
  • Two Final Interviews - 90 Minutes/Candidate - 3 Hours
  • 146 ½ hours Equivalent to A Full Month of Work
  • Here’s a breakdown of how much time was spent hiring a new recruiter when working with a specialized recruitment agency:
  • Briefing a Recruiter About The Company & Position - 1 ½ Hours
  • Reviewing Five Well Selected Prescreened Candidate Profiles - 50 Minutes
  • Scheduling Interviews - Done by Recruiter
  • Interviewing Five Candidates - 5 Hours
  • Drafting and Sharing Candidate Feedback - 50 Minutes
  • Rejecting Candidates - Done by Recruiter
  • Scheduling Second Interviews - Done by Recruiter
  • Second Interviews With Three Candidates - 3 Hours
  • Drafting Candidate Feedback - 30 Minutes
  • Final Interviews with Two Candidates - 3 Hours

14 Hours 40 Minutes Equivalent to Two Working Days

Data Proven 80% Proven Acceptance Rate

Average Cost of Hire Savings

If one assumes the average man-hour cost at 35 euros with the average expected return on the employee at five times the investment, the average cost of the hire is 2500 euros. This literally ten times less than doing it yourself. Sure, you must still add the recruitment fee, but that’s minute compared to the savings. 

That is why the only sensible choice that Caissa Global had was to hire with the help of a carefully chosen recruitment specialist. Time, money, and blueprint of the industry that someone who specializes in hiring a recruiter as an agency offers cannot be beaten.

Average Time & Cost of Hiring Breakdown