Are Candidates Left With A Positive Perception of Your Company After Interviewing? Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, explains the importance and relevance of the buzzword 'Candidate Experience.'

The Value of a Good Candidate Experience

The candidate application experience is an essential component of recruitment and brand building. It's best to think of the experiences of your candidates in much the same way as you would consider customer experience. At each step of your communication during the screening and interview process, you need to evaluate whether or not you're putting forth the right information and impression. This is why it's essential to ask yourself if your company and the role within your company are represented correctly. 

Evaluate New Hires Regularly

The perception of your company in the market is vitally important. Each job candidate needs to be made to feel valued throughout the process, and regardless of whether or not they are refused the position. What is the perception of those who have been rejected? What's the opinion of those who've already joined your firm? Evaluate employee satisfaction at regular intervals, such as after a week or two, a month, and at six months to see how their opinion has changed. This will reveal a great deal of insight into where improvements can be made to recruiting & onboarding. 

Let Us Find You the Right Staff

Here at Caissa Recruitment, we ensure that your hires and prospective hires are always left with a positive perception of your business. Contact us to learn how we can help you to improve candidate experience today.

How The Power Of Positive Perception Is A Crucial Part Of The Candidate Experience