What is a Dev Ops Salary in Berlin, Germany?

€71,750 is the average DevOps salary in Berlin, Germany for 2020. At Caissa, we see salary offers in the range of €63,000 - €80,000 per year. Keep in mind, this does not include benefits like stock in the company, free meals, and other extras with a monetary value. 

€71,750 is the average devops salary in Berlin, Germany in 2020.

What is a Senior Dev Ops Salary in Berlin, Germany? 

€82,750 is the average salary for a Senior Dev Ops Engineer in Berlin, Germany in 2020.  At Caissa Global Recruitment, we do see a range based on skill level and experience from€73,500 to €92,000 for Senior DevOps Engineers in Berlin. 

€82,750 is the average salary per year for a Senior DevOps Engineer in Berlin, Germany as of 2020.

What is a Dev Ops Team Lead Salary in Berlin, Germany?

€91,125 is the typical salary of a Dev Ops Team Lead in Berln, Germany.  This is notably higher than a junior Dev Ops Engineer which starts around €63,000. 

A range of salary offers for Dev Ops Team Leads is €78,750 to €103,500 in 2020, according to offers we have received from businesses in Berlin for our candidates. 

€91,125 is the average salary of a Dev Ops Team Lead in 2020

Resources for DevOps in Berlin

DevOps Days has a DevOps Days Berlin Chapter-  a great community for DevOps developers in Berlin.  You can follow this Twitter account for more info. 

DevOps Con is a DevOps Conference in Munich with many ties to Berlin.

Here is a video interview of a DevOps Engineer who recently joined a Berlin tech team:

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