How to Use Your Interview to Your Advantage, discussed by Konstanty Sliwowski the CEO of Caissa Global.

“So, do you have any questions?”

This is possibly the most expected question in any interview.
At this stage, you should whip out your notepad or phone, and say “Why yes, I do have a few questions prepared…”  Bonus tip: Writing down answers and making notes with a pen during an interview makes a candidate look more engaged, even if it’s just for theatrical effect. 

No Questions, No Job Offer

For hiring managers and in-house recruiters, a candidate with no questions is normally classified as a candidate who doesn’t demonstrate a legitimate interest in the role. 

Do you have any questions?

This is your opportunity as the candidate to better understand what is “under the hood” of this business. 

Is it a managerial role?  Stalk the About Us page or LinkedIn to try and establish who is on the team. In the interview ask “So this role would include managing a team of three, are the Java developers Hillary and Juan included in that team? If not, who is? Can you tell me more about them?”

Interview Questions to Ask

You can find a full list of questions to ask in an interview in our Ultimate Guide. Here are a few ideas, to ask questions that would affect the performance of the team you’ll be working on. 

  • Team working hours. Does everyone work the same hours? If not, how do they communicate if they don’t work at the same time?
  • Sick days. Is the average number of sick days higher or lower than the company average?
  • Knowledge Sharing. How does the team share learnings? Are there Recon meetings at the end of sprints? Do team members present conference and event findings internally?

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The Value Of Asking Questions During Your Interview