What is the Frontend Developer Salary in Berlin, Germany? 

€66,250 is the average salary for a Frontend Developer in Berlin, Germany. That said, there is a range depending on experience €57,750 - €74,750 for a Frontend Engineer.  In Germany, on top of these salaries per year one can frequently expect perks and benefits which make the offer even better such as stock options. 

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Frontend developer salary in Berlin, Germany is €66,250.

Salary for Senior Frontend Engineer in Berlin, Germany - What is it?

€77,250 per year is the expected salary for a Senior Frontend Engineer in Berlin, Germany.  The range can be quite wide, on average we see salary offers from €68,250 - €86,250.  That said, we have seen offers over €100,000 for highly capable Berlin based senior Frontend Engineers who also were taking on management responsibilities. 

€77,250 is the average salary for a Frontend Engineer or Developer in Berlin, Germany.

What is the Frontend Team Lead salary in Berlin, Germany? 

On average you can expect €91,125 for a Team Lead Frontend position in Berlin, Germany. The range is €78,750 to €103,500 for this position, which is quite a variation depending on a number of factors like years of experience required, management needs, etc. 

€91,125 is the Team Lead Frontend Salary you can expect in Berlin, Germany. This range goes from €78,750 - €103,500 depending on experience and position requirements.