Even though it sounds boring, the Hiring Process is crucial when it comes to an effective recruitment strategy. Obvious! You may say. Well, hear me out before you say anything. There is a lot more to it. 

Let’s start by looking at what a Recruitment Process does. 


To start with, it helps identify candidates you want to hire. This though is an overly simplified and one-sided look.

The process is not only for you, the employer, but also (and more importantly) for the candidate.

The Hiring Process shows candidates how you as an individual and a business work. 

  • Are you organized?
  • Timely? 
  • Efficient? 
  • Do you communicate well? 
  • Do you keep your word? 

The hiring process is the PR tool and an opportunity for internal branding that lets you communicate what you as a business stand for. Even for technical hiring, like recruitment process for developers and engineers, it still is a direct representation of your business.

In simple words, the way you run your hiring process says a lot about you and your organization.

It is an extremely effective telltale for candidates. Not only will it become part of the decision making process if you do present an offer to a candidate, but it can also become legend (the bad kind), should someone experience an ineffective and/or inefficient recruitment process. 

Just think of the damage this can do if people say that they were not given feedback, had interviews missed or were left hanging without any response?


This is why, as an employer, you need to ensure that your recruitment process represents you, your business and your brand. The more it does this, the more impressed candidates will be. This will not only improve your offer acceptance levels but will also ensure that your brand as an employer will be seen in a much more positive light.


As an employer, you need to ensure that every role you are hiring for has a defined recruitment process that is religiously adhered to. In fact, once you have a job description, you should decide on the steps of the process that each candidate will go through.

This will ensure that every candidate is dealt with in the same way and goes through the same process. Boring as it may sound, it does, however, ensure that all candidates can be compared like for like and will be treated fairly. It will also make it possible for you to tell candidates early in the process exactly what they can expect.

Delivering on those expectations is the strongest representation of your business you can give people. No matter if they are hired or not, they will remember you as efficient, effective and true to your word.

Here is a quick overview of recruitment process tips:

  • You as a business must have a well-defined hiring process.
  • Your hiring process is also an opportunity for internal branding. 
  • You must provide equal opportunity to all candidates, keep communication and expectations clear from the beginning.
Crucial Hiring Advice & Hiring Process Tips For Businesses