The History of Recruitment & Caissa’s Place In the Industry. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, explains why he was inspired to found his business, and where Caissa sits within the recruitment industry in Berlin.

Recruitment Industry in 2019

Recruitment today is not always regarded in the highest esteem, although there are some outstanding recruiters, the general approach of the industry does not always reflect quality. Most professionals have had a brush with recruiters at some point in their lives, and positive reviews from said experiences are not consistently found.

History of Recruitment

But the history of recruitment, and the founding of the concept of matching employers with employees, was pioneered by McKinsey - the global management consultancy. Because of McKinsey consultant Arch Patton, they made executive search an art form and notably - the art of salary negotiation for executives. 

Poor Tactics like Keyword Matching

Meanwhile, job centres run by local governments were matching people with trade jobs based on a few key skills which became knowns as “keyword matching”. This is a typical tactic consistently used by the recruitment industry today, and a detrimental tactic for the wider industry as the resulting quality is not high.

Save Yourself Time from Keyword Matching

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A Look At The History Of Recruitment