Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin, discusses the services provided by leading recruitment providers, and what quality checks should take place before deciding on any given recruiter.

Hire a Recruitment Agency Tips:

  1. Don't pick on trust alone
  2. Expect references from clients
  3. Evaluate the agency messaging
  4. Ask for case studies
  5. Research the company using reviews and other online sources
  6. Review existing employee experience on LinkedIn
  7. Always do due dilligence

Don’t pick based on trust alone

Far too many companies fall in the trap of choosing a recruitment agency or recruiter without ensuring that they’re up to the job and driven to succeed. Poor results, misaligned representation, and ineffective communication most often occur when a company simply takes the claims and success stories of a prospective recruiter at face value. 

Good recruiters love providing references

While here at Caissa Global Recruitment, we seize and relish in every opportunity to prove our track record of excellence, we too find that far too little clients ask for references and factual records such as case studies. Even our CEO has only been propositioned for references a handful of times in sixteen-years. It’s essential to vet the company that you plan to work with. 

How to evaluate a recruitment agency

Consider what you’re looking for before checking out a recruiter. Ideally, you should be trying to establish a general understanding of the basic operation of the company. What experiences has this company had with others? Does the recruitment agency present a brand image aligned with the company they’re staffing for? How are issues, mistakes, or mishaps handled?

Three ways to quality-check a recruiter

Fortunately, there are effective ways to assess the skill and staffing proficiency of an agent. Here is a look at three of the most effective techniques for screening a recruiter or recruitment agency. 

1. Ask for references and case studies

Every leading recruiter will have a record of happy customers, and preferably a selection of case studies proving their efficacy in the field. If a recruiter or recruitment agency is not willing to share their case studies or put you in touch with their existing clients, this is a huge red flag. 

2. Research the company using reviews & other online sources

Start off your profiling by heading to Google Reviews. You’ll find two main types of reviews, testimonials, and reviews from current employees asked to post, and reviews for existing customers or candidates. These are the ones to focus on as they reveal the most actual, factual detail about the company’s operations. Consider getting in touch with some of those people to discuss that their experience with the company was like. 

3. Profile existing employees online

The of the best ways to evaluate the working environment and operational functionality of a prospective company is to look at the experiences of their existing employees. Head to LinkedIn and GlassDoor, and look through the company’s staff. Ask the following questions to gain a good overview of who you’ll be working with:

  • Are employees happy?
  • Are employees staying with the company?
  • Is there employee continuity? 
  • Does it look like they’re driven and dedicated? 
  • Are there examples of past growth and promotion?

Always do due diligence

The best decision is an informed decision, and the partnership with a recruitment agency should not be taken lightly. References are crucial to picking the right recruitment partner. Any skilled agent or agency will jump at the opportunity to impress with a proven record of service excellence. How do you, quality-check recruiters? Any tips or tactics that you’ve learned over the years? Please share your experiences and techniques. A glimmer of insight could be gold for another seeking the best assistance possible.