In this podcast, we listen to Konstanty Sliwowski, the CEO of Caissa Global Recruitment. Here he talks about ways businesses can set up a recruitment process that portrays their values, mission, and goals in the best light for potential candidates. 

Organizations need to deploy effective employer branding strategies to attract the best talent. Even if they manage to attract the right people, an age-old hiring process and a bad candidate experience will shatter the chances of recruiting and retaining the best employees.

Are Organizations Displaying Their Brand Values Strategically?

According to Konstanty, the majority of the companies are not communicating their brand's image correctly. That's because few people have received formal education on conducting interviews and designing hiring processes.

Most organizations focus on hiring a candidate instead of showcasing the perks of working with them. The failure to highlight their unique and compelling aspects distorts the entire hiring process. It also keeps HR from grabbing a candidate's attention.

As long as a company successfully paints an accurate picture of what it's like to work for them, they can attract star candidates.

The Role Of Marketing And Internal Communications In Promoting The Brand's Image

The hiring process is mostly left for recruitment agencies or the HR team. But lately, Konstanty has observed that several companies bring in dedicated teams to create content used to relay the company's vision, mission, and values in the most compelling way.

Marketing is solely responsible for designing brand logos, attracting customers, or making presentations. Still, they can also play an important role in grabbing the candidate's attention. 

Integrating communication and marketing in a candidate's recruitment journey the same way companies would do for their customers can pave the way for good candidate experiences.

This reflects the importance of a well-crafted hiring process and its importance for a business's bottom line.

Good Hiring Processes Elevate An Organization's Image Among Candidates

When hiring is done in a transactional way, the recruitment teams are forced to deliver on the business requirements. This leads to ineffective interviewing or losing the candidate's attention through the process completely. 

To ensure good hiring processes, companies need to employ the standard three-step recruitment process that consists of 38 potential touchpoints outside of the interview. Through these touchpoints, companies can showcase their brand values, agendas, functions, and even engagement with the candidates. 

Konstanty emphasizes that interviews are not the sole component of the hiring process. 

Whether a company is looking for executive recruitment or a trainee, interviews are supposed to sell the organizations to these prospective employees. They should answer questions and allow the candidate to ask more questions.

For example, a CTO's personality and ability to conduct effective interviews give a human face to the organization and offer the candidate an intimate peek at the work environment. 

How To Position Your Brand To Attract The Best Talent?

  • Drive conversations instead of holding interrogations in an interview
  • Align the marketing and communications department with recruitment to promote the company's strong points
  • Attracting the best talent is beyond creating compelling content. Companies need to focus on designing hiring processes that reflect how an employee will be treated.
  • Do not apply the same hiring strategy to attract a different target audience. 

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