The way that you handle interactions and dealings with a recruiter or recruitment agency has a massive effect on your results. Effective collaboration opens up a world of opportunities, while also giving you an edge over competitors thanks to constant support and feedback that matters. We’ll be exploring some of the ways that you can improve collaboration between you as an in-house recruiter and your agency.

Stay Open & Honest

A recruitment agency should be seen as a partner and treated as such. Improve the way that you communicate by sharing all the details of the potential placement. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses while speaking honestly and openly at all times. If there is one piece of advice to take away, it’s to stay transparent. Divulge company plans, expectations, and don’t leave out details of your teams. 

State Definite Requirements

Make sure that you correctly stipulate all requirements. There’s no such thing as oversharing. Cite all your conditions, hopes, financial expectations, and don’t leave out the future, growth, and goals of your company. A recruiter needs to know what you’re thinking and where the company’s future is heading in order to supply you with optimal placement. 

Keep Constant Feedback

Feedback is a two-way street. Once again, you need to clearly communicate your thoughts and requirements, as well as your assessment of any potential hires. Communication also means evaluating the performance of your agency and discussing what needs to change. Only by formulating an approach that’s comfortable for you and your staff, while staying laser-focused on company needs, will recruitment be of any help. This takes active involvement on your part.

Specify, Specify, Specify

Specialized recruiting may have more targeted opportunities, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a massive range of talent to narrow down. Once a recruiter gets to know your specific job roles and the connections that they hold, they’ll be able to secure not only a good hire but one that can grow with the company. Difficult roles are what recruitment agencies specialize in, so narrow down your hiring criteria to definites to make sure that you find someone capable. 

Good Recruiting - It’s All In The Details

The more details your recruitment agency has, the better they can help you do business. Remember, a good recruiter works in a time-efficient manner that saves your company hordes of manpower, money, and time invested. A little time spent refining recruiting goes a long way in our hands.

In-House Recruitment Advice For Collaborating With Recruitment Agencies