Resignation Letter Template

Dear [Manager Name],

I have grown immensely during my time working at [Company Name], and despite enjoying my service, I must tender my resignation. I have obtained a full-time job with another company. By my calculations, my final day of work will be [Insert Date] - can you confirm this is correct?

I greatly appreciate all the opportunities you, the team, and the wider company have provided to me, as well as the camaraderie. I am forever grateful for the support and advice. Please advise me as to the proper procedure for ending my employment, cleaning out my work area, and transferring my responsibilities. 

If I can do anything to ease the transition, I am happy to help. Please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Thank You,

[Insert Name]

How to Resign Tips

Resignation is not as difficult as many think. Follow our guidance and you’ll leave with a favorable opinion, and without any issues arising. Here’s a resignation few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Make Sure You Meet The Terms - Check your employment contract so that you are fully aware of your notice and termination conditions. It is imperative that you know this so that you can inform your company exactly when you plan to work your last day. If you're considering negotiating an early release, it's important to know what (if any) conditions apply.
  2. Prepare A Resignation Letter - Have your resignation letter ready for the meeting. It should be brief, containing several crucial points, with the date of resignation, the intended last day of work, as well as a formal offer to help support the handover of your duties. 
  3. Resign In Person To Leave The Best Impression  - Make an appointment to meet with your manager and resign in person. Be concise regarding your resignation, and do not make it personal. It is a professional decision, and it is best to keep your resignation meeting this way, even if you are very tempted to do otherwise and touch on emotional issues.    
  4. Meet With Your Boss To Agree On The Handover Process Within 1 Week Of Resigning -  Negotiating the handover process within a week of resigning guarantees that the transition will be attended to smoothly while doing due diligence. It’s essential to leaving the company with a favorable impression. 
  5. Be Productive Until The Last Day At Work - Continue to come into work on time and stay productive. Although you may feel like it doesn’t matter anymore - do not burn bridges. At some point you may need the reference, or you might face your current co-workers in another professional capacity in the future. It is always best to leave on good terms.  
  6. Do A Handover And Do It Well -  You will be judged on your time at the firm, and every moment leading to the time that you step out the door. Think carefully about what legacy you leave behind, and always evaluate your present circumstances to see how to can leave a better impression as you resign
  7. Do Not Encourage Others To Follow You - Do not, by any means, try to encourage co-workers to leave with you publicly. This will be disruptive and is highly unwelcomed. It is highly likely to cause trouble immediately, and it will forever trouble you in the future. Stay cool and keep looking forward to the excitement of a new chapter in your career rather than allowing the fire of rage to burn a hole in all your progress.  

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Are you Ready to Resign? 

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Part 6 Of Caissa's How To Get A Job Guide - How To Resign Including A Template Letter