What is the average salary of a JavaScript Developer or Engineer in Berlin, Germany?

€63,955 is the average JavaScript developer salary in Berlin, Germany according to our research and records of offers from companies to candidates here at Caissa Global Recruitment. The salary range for JavaScript developers starts at €55,150 and goes up to €72,760 for senior roles; these salaries and ranges are for mid to senior experience Engineers, as large companies do not typically utilise recruitment agencies to hire junior level developers. 

Salary ranges for other types of developers are here.

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€63,955 is the average salary for a JavaScript Developer or Engineer in Berlin, Germany

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What is a Vue.JS Developer or Engineer Salary in Berlin, Germany?

€67,580 is the average Vue.JS Developer salary in Berlin, Germany. The range for Vue.JS developers starts at €62,400 and goes up to €72,760. Keep in mind that annual salaries are only one aspect of a job offer package; one must consider stock options, expenses covered by the employer like transport and office food, the cultural fit, flexiblity with one's lifestyle needs, and more. 

€67,580 is the average salary of a Vue.JS Developer in Berlin, Germany.

What is the average salary of a React.JS Developer in Berlin, Germany?

€65,175 is the average salary of a React.JS Developer in Berlin, Germany. The salary range for a qualified React.JS Engineer starts at €55,150 and goes to €75,200

Keep in mind annual salaries do not include stock options or other job benefits like signing bonus, which can add a notable chunk of cash to the new hire. 

When evaluating a salary in Berlin, one must keep in mind the cost of living and how this comapares to developer salaries in other cities. In cities like London and Copenhagen, the cost of living is much higher so that although salaries are higher, one must spend a notable portion of salary on basic living expenses which are much lower in Berlin. In short, Berlin jobs typically drive a higher quality of life.

€65,175 is the average salary of a React.js Developer in Berlin, Germany

What about AngularJS Developer Salaries in Berlin, Germany? 

There is not much demand for AngularJS Engineers in Berlin, instead we see high demand for React.js and Vue.js skill sets. Scroll up for Vue and React salaries in Berlin, as these are much more popular in Berlin with development team skill needs. 

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