Location is a strange thing to discuss in relation to recruitment. However, it is a key factor in the success of securing talent if you are a company. If you are a candidate, securing “that” job is also very much dependant on location. It is important to remember that moving your career forward may also involve relocation or moving your life to a different city or country. 


Let’s face it, in this day and age of demand for candidates within the tech industry, companies need to relocate staff in order to secure the right talent and numbers to sustain their growing business.

I have previously written that recruitment does also mean selling. Part of this process is telling candidates about the location of the company. It is crucial for companies to explain why the business has chosen to be based out of a particular geography, why the location is interesting, what is the meaning of relocate for the company, and most importantly, what benefits it has for the candidate.

With the barriers to international mobility throughout Europe gone (or nearly gone), companies need to realise that they are competing for talent on a much wider geographic playing field. Candidates can now easily communicate with companies in multiple locations and be truly and honestly interested in all of them. After all, London, Berlin, and Paris are all great locations to live in, so how do you choose?

It is thus very important to not only have a great company and technology stack but also to be able to explain to candidates why your location will be to their advantage.


On the side of candidates, I realise that things have rarely been so good and that there are a lot of options out there, but are you not limiting yourself by choosing one location.

Looking for a job within only one location limits your choice greatly in terms of career development, as well as how future employers perceive you.

If you really want to grow within your field, chances are that the best opportunities will not be within a 10 min walk from your front door — they are usually an hour or two flight away. 

Don’t be scared. People relocate, travel explore and enjoy living in other locations. In fact, some people actively look for relocation jobs to move to new places. Companies also prefer candidates who have international experience as they show dedication, international mindset, and flexibility which is highly regarded and valued.

In many cases, relocation is not something for life, but it enables you to develop new skills., work on interesting projects, gain experience and take your career to new heights.

So why are you scared?

Maybe it is because no one told you why relocation is so advantageous to you.

Here is the quick review:

  • The location of a company is key to hiring top talent.
  • Companies must be open to relocation to attract talent.
  • Candidates must also be open to relocation that may also help them with career development.
Looking At The Importance Of Job Location To Job Seeking Candidates