2020 is a new year, and so we have an improved version of ourselves to share with the launch of this new website! 

Why now?

As APSCo’s Emerging Business for 2020, we’ve had an internal awakening and realised our approach, methodology, and service brings a lot of new ideas to the table that candidates, clients, and the recruitment industry have not experienced before.  We’re eager to push ahead re-energised by this belief in ability to deliver value.

Our 2020 Mission Is Clear - Improve Tech Recruitment in Berlin

Since Caissa was founded in 2009 our website has had many facelifts, but as we’ve evolved as a business and thus so must our window to the world.  Now, we are exclusively dedicated to expanding as the Berlin tech recruiter of choice, our clients are top tech startups and our candidates are developers, software engineers, and CTOs. This clarification of vision has led to a bottom up redesign of our website reflecting this audience and our services. 

Our client feedback lead the re-design elements. In homage to our brand heritage, we’ve kept to our original colours to ensure an element of continuity. You’ll notice our new icon is more playful, and the font modern - a bit more agile and fresh than our old site’s outdated feel. Since Caissa is the Goddess of Chess, we’ve developed the visual elements around this inspiration.

What We’re Excited About

We took a poll of the office, and the team is most excited about the following elements of the new website:

  • Case Study Page. We’re honoured to receive amazing feedback from our candidates and clients over the years. Now, we have a stunning page that highlights the quality of our work and showcases or achievements. 
  • The Blog’s Video Content.  Now all of the YouTube videos are mirrored on our Caissa blog, which means all the great content created in other mediums is being pulled through into one brilliant resource. Look out for Konstanty in 2020 on YouTube, as he’ll be speaking with a wide range of tech insiders. 
  • How to Get A Developer Job in Berlin - The Ultimate Guide! The old site had a number of great blog posts with job hunting advice. Written over ten years and an array of past team members, the advice was at times disjointed or repetitive. Now, we’ve consolidated all of our interview advice and angled it to our target market - software developers in Berlin. 

Now over to you dear readers? What do you think of our new website and our content?

Why we have built a new website for 2020!