What is a Product Manager or Senior Product Manager Salary in Berlin, Germany? 

€68,000 is the average salary for a Product Manager in Berlin, Germany in 2022. There is a range depending on experience of €55,000 - €81,000 for a Product Manager. In Berlin, one can expect additional benefits such as stock options and bonuses in addition to the annual salary. 

In 2022, €81,000 per year is the expected salary for a Senior Proudct Manager in Berlin, Germany. Depending on experience, the range of salary for a Senior Product Manager is from €78,000 - €90,000. Salaries can often reach higher than €100,000 for Senior Product Managers who have extensive experience.

A Product Manager salary in Berlin is €68,000 on average in 2022.
€81,000 is the average salary of a Senior Product Manager in Berlin.

Salary for Head of Product or Chief Product Officer in Berlin, Germany - What is it?

€122,500 per year is the expected salary for a Head of Product in Berlin, Germany in 2022.  The range can be quite wide. On average we see salary offers range from €95,000 up to €150,000, depending on experience, size of company and scope of work.  

€148,000 is the average salary for a Chief Product Officer (CPO) in Berlin in 2022. The salary range is €120,000 - €250,000 when it comes to offers Caissa Global Recruitment sees for candidates we submit to major tech firms. 

The average Head of Product salary in Berlin, Germany is €122,500 in 2022.
A Chief Product Officer salary in Berlin is €148,000 on average.

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