This summer, we conducted a survey among tech professionals and developers in Berlin. With its help, we were aiming to learn more about recruitment in technology.

We’ve got some interesting insights and put together a PDF brochure for you, contact us and we can email it to you. In it, you’ll find the information on the following:

  • Reach-outs from recruiters: quantity & quality
  • Recruitment process: the pains & joys
  • Testing tech skills: useful vs. useless ways to do it
  • Job offer: what makes it "unrefusable"

In the paper, you’ll find survey results from engineers, figures, insights, and quotes. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Tech professionals like developers in Berlin get on average of 18 messages from recruiters monthly. This figure changes with experience and across technologies...
  2. Almost ¾ of messages come from agency recruiters. Regardless of the type of recruiters (in-house or third-party), their reach-outs were not always relevant to developers and engineers.
  3. Time-consuming test assignments and the duration of the entire recruitment process are what stresses job seekers in tech the most. And not only that.
  4. An efficient (fast and relevant) recruitment process is most likely to leave a good and memorable impression on tech candidates. There is more to it.
  5. Developers and engineers in Berlin value technical interviews the most. Can you guess what, according to some of them, is a waste of time?

For more data and the full report, just click here.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Tech professionals are still in demand in Berlin
  • Agency recruiters actively pursue tech professionals 
  • Time consuming tests are the biggest turn off for tech professionals
  • Most developers prefer technical interviews
2018 Recruitment in Technology Survey Results