What is the average salary of a Senior JavaScript Developer or Engineer in Berlin, Germany?

€82,400 is the average Senior Frontend or Backend JavaScript developer salary in Berlin, Germany in 2023 according to our research and records of offers from companies to candidates here at Caissa Global Recruitment. The salary range for Senior JavaScript developers starts at €75,000 and goes up to €95,000 for senior roles; these salaries and ranges are for mid to senior experienced Engineers, as large companies do not typically utilise recruitment agencies to hire junior level developers. 

€82,400 is the average salary for a Senior Frontend or Backend JavaScript Developer or Engineer in Berlin, Germany in 2023.

What is the average salary of a Senior JavaScript Full Stack Developer in 2023?

€84,500 is the average Senior Full Stack Developer Salary in Berlin, Germany in 2023.  That said, there is a wide range depending on the technology and products a full stack developer is responsible for - the range for a Full Stack Developer in Berlin is €75,000 to €95,000.  At the top end, these roles are similar to VP or team lead roles for large scale teams with complex tech. 

In Caissa's experience, some companies are searching for a wide range of capabilities in a Full Stack Developer that would frequently be divided into a front end position and back end position.

€84,500 is the salary in Berlin for a Senior Full Stack Developer on average in 2023.

Frontend and Backend Developer Influencers in Berlin, Germany

Looking to make connections with Frontend or Backend Developers in Berlin? Try these influencers for frontend and backend enthusiasts:

Full Stack Developer Resources & Influencers in Berlin, Germany

  • Marcel Eichner is a full stack developer in Berlin, Germany since 2001. Here is a link to his Twitter account
  • Arve Knudsen is a full stack developer, formerly based in Berlin. Check out his Twitter account here or his website
  • Tiff in Tech is a software developer in the US who talks about her experience with Full Stack on YouTube.

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