Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin, discusses staff retention in Berlin, and how directing your staff through a crisis is a crucial defining moment in your company. 

When we look at the statistics, LinkedIn data shows that a company only retains the average engineer in Berlin for seventeen-months. With employee retention being so poor, it should become clear that the impression left on staff is important. Improving staff retention should be a key concern of every business and business leader, particularly those in the field of technology.

The benefits of good crisis management to staff retention:

  • Staff learn the value of your company by seeing the fruits of leadership choices after the crisis
  • Good crisis management improves present and future staff retention thanks to word-of-mouth
  • Examples set by compassionate, competent action during a crisis bolsters company brand image

Understanding staff retention

Before a company can begin improving staff retention, one first needs to understand why people come to work for you in the first place, by answering this core question, a range of factors will begin to unfold that are each reflected in the way you manage your staff body. 

The relevance of retention in a crisis

During times of crisis, the choices and guidance of leadership are magnified. To compete for and retain talent, your teams need to be shown why they work for you. Employees will be left with testimony that either exemplifies you as an employer or one that sends a clear message that staff is not properly taken care of depending on how you navigate them through difficult times.

Benefits of crisis management

Crisis management is, and staff retention goes hand in hand. There is no better time to build unity within your firm and workers, while at the same time showcasing the values, ethics and company vision that makes your enterprise the first and lasting choice for any existing or potential employee. 

Take care of your staff and take care of your future

Once the air has cleared, market leaders will arise, boasting better staff retention than ever. Those who have placed staff welfare, job security, and sustained career advancement of their teams at the forefront of organization & management during this difficult time, will reap the reward of a permanent boost to company image and employee morale.

In the video above, Konstanty identifies a surge in dev skills for companies in the e-health, b2c, supply delivery, online fitness, online education, and strealming videos.  As always, Caissa is ready to supprt both candidates and companies facilitate the flow of tech talent.

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