100 Interviews & No Hire - A Tale Of Too Many Agencies.  Caissa frequently meets with potential clients, that is to say brands looking to hire a recruitment agency, who are in dire need of filling a position that’s been open for months.  In a recent call Konstanty had a discussion with a company who had 100 interviews under their belt but no hire!

What could be going wrong with this hiring process?

We have reasons things have gone wrong in this example, common amongst growing companies.

Too many recruitment agencies. Of course Caissa, like other agencies, is used to competiting with another agency to fill one role. That said, if an in-house recruiter is dealing with 3 or more recruitment agencies for a role - typically it’s too much for anyone to handle and spreads the internal team very thin.

Stakeholders must internally to agree the brief for the role (especially the hiring manager!), and then work with one or two agencies.  If stakeholders don’t agree, you could see many wasted horus of interviews as one manager believes a candidate is ideal and the next manager feels the same candidate lacking required skills for a role. 

Time is Money When Waiting to Hire

Remember, ensuring all steakholders in a company are on the same page aobut skills for a role and that one or two agenices are used  - otherwise you’ll end up with 100 interviews and agencies chucking CVs at the hiring manager from every direction. Ultimately this will save you time and effort.

Explaining Why You May Be Having Many Interviews With No Hires