Are You Willing To Lose €161,000 While Waiting to Find the Right Developer? Allow the Caissa Global Recruitment team to take you through a discussion concerning the impact of hiring delays on development teams.

Never Delay Development

Far too many companies overlook the full impact of delays within the hiring process. While €161,000 seems like a ghastly amount for just six months of setbacks while waiting to hire an engineer -  this is indeed true. Hiring delays gimp development teams immensely. Yes, it's true that the delay of finding a new team member costs all industries time and money, but there are few that are as severely as impacted as those who work in development.

The Cost of Waiting

Development teams lacking the right balance of staff find themselves in a situation where other team members have to compensate for the missing role. This not only means that they're carrying out a practice that isn't ideally suited to their skills and affinities, but it also means that they can't do their own jobs properly. This isn't even beginning to consider the toll that stress takes on each person and team involved, and the many repercussions of delayed product delivery. 

Just take a look at how the costs break down, and you'll easily see why you can’t wait to recruit a developer. For example:

If a company seeks to hire an employee with a €60,000 annual salary, paying the average recruiter commission of 25%, and calculating the opportunity cost across a three stage hiring process that involves three teams - human resources, the hiring person, and the onsite staff manager, we reach a total opportunity cost of €64,000. 

If this is delayed for just six-months as the ideal candidate is searched for, the opportunity cost skyrockets to €161,000

Improving Project & Staffing Efficiency

Now, you may be asking - how can I reduce this unnecessarily escalation in cost? The inflation normally arises from inefficient internal processes and human resources protocols that aren’t operating in alignment with the recruiter itself. The most effective way to lower your opportunity cost and find the right person for the job as quickly as possible is to treat your recruiter as a partner. Forming a close partnership allows your recruitment agency to scrutinize and improve the way that you screen staff and scale costs. That’s why here at Caissa Recruitment, we evaluate the whole of your enterprise to find the recruitment strategy that fits you best - contact us for a personalized approach to recruiting that’ll never guide you wrong. 

A Look How How Hiring Delays Cost A Company €161,000