Allow Konstanty Sliwowski of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin to take you through a look at diversity within the technology sector, and how this affects tech hiring practices.

Company diversity is a much-needed aspect of every business's staffing concerns, but in far too many cases, the entirely wrong approach is taken. When motivation lies in nothing but fulfilling a basic organizational need for more female workers, the step to improve diversity itself can often be seen as a warning sign to female developers and staff. In a world where antiquated leadership and overbearing 'bro culture' can cripple a productive work environment, any potential candidate should question the core diversity of the company.

Seven Key Interview Questions to Ask About Diversity

It doesn't matter whether you're male or female. A company that forms its organizational practices based on sexual or social discrimination of any sort, or rather an underlying motivation to avoid being caught for such practices, is not a place that you want to work. Everyone is urged to ask the following seven questions to better assess the diversity of any prospective company that your plan to work at:

  1. What is the company's team structure, and what degree of diversity can be currently found in existing teams?
  2. Is your hiring process focused on fulfilling the right diversity for team leads & new hires?
  3. What is the current state of the diversity of your C-Suite executives?
  4. Do you have female board members, and if so, how many?
  5. What steps have been taken over the last three years to improve hiring diversity?
  6. Does your company have any hiring / cultural diversity statistics available?
  7. Is there a pay gap, and can you share any relevant pay gap or diversity statistics with me?

Look For Employers That Offer A Bright Future

A well-rounded team rewards a business with benefits that cover every interaction of your company. Healthy cultural diversity, balanced teams, and a level playing field for all is the only true springboard for success. Change the mindset behind your organization and change the very momentum of your staffing & growth. Here at Caissa Recruitment, we consider all aspects of staffing and diversity to give each candidate the best chance of success - contact us for placement that puts you first.

Key Interview Questions To Ask Concerning Diversity