Does Your Hiring Manager Know That The Demand on Engineers Is So High That They Get Presented 18+ Job Opportunities Per Month? Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses the findings of the Annual Recruitment Survey, highlighting the massive misunderstanding of just how busy the tech sector has become. 

Tech & Engineering Are In Demand

Hiring managers are vastly unaware of just how high the demand is for skilled staff within the technology sector in Berlin. This exponential growth in demand is experienced throughout the world, with the business and exclusivity of candidates growing as you reach a higher level of seniority and responsibility of roles. 

Everyone Wants to Hire a Developer

The average engineering candidate in Berlin is approached with placement opportunity 17.9 times each month. When one looks towards at specific technology sectors and higher-level roles, the approach total climbs as high as 26.6 approaches a month. While it is entirely true that part of this metric includes keyword spam, the total still indicates just how sought after skilled individuals are. This also causes engineers and developers become desensitized to being petitioned for relevant roles

Advice for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers are, at times, unaware of the stringent filtering and underlying framework of reference checks, interviews, and other protocols that are carried out before being presented with their candidates. Candidates are found and nurtured until they’re found the right role. The same goes for your company’s needs. The candidates presented are the product of a healthy business network that takes hard work, attentiveness, and devotion to build. That is why we encourage all hiring managers to form a close partnership with their recruiter. It forms the basis for perfect placement where all your needs and the needs of the candidate are fulfilled. 

Don’t Settle - Hire the Best

A good recruiter doesn’t simply hand out CVs, creating a burden on your hiring manager or HR department, quite the opposite. Caissa Recruitment works hard at eradicating recruitment agencies who use spam and other underhanded techniques to purvey their services. Let us handle your unique staffing concerns. Time, money, and effort are saved in countless ways, as your hiring processes are streamlined by the best.

Evaluating Whether Hiring Managers Are In Tune With Demand