A Metaphorical Look at The Berlin Wall & Recruitment Strategies. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, reminisces over the history of Berlin and the parallels experienced within the recruitment sector then and now. 

Remembering Berlin During the Cold War

During the Cold War, Berlin was city subdivided into four main sectors - the French, British, American, and Soviet. The Soviet ruling government constructed walls around three of the four sectors, namely the French, British, American. This was effectively preventing the free movement of anyone other than Soviet citizens. 

Close Off Communication and Cut Off Success

All that this segregation accomplished was a range of situations for both the Allies and Soviets that could have been prevented. The city-wide industry suffered under the restrictions, resulting in poor productivity and efficiency for both sides. Recruitment in Berlin was crippled, and many issues escalated that never needed to arise if the was no impasse on movement, information & communication. All this due to Berlin’s choice to raise the wall. 

Take The Approach of Berlin After the Wall

However, after the wall communication and Berlin start ups flourished. In a progression of unification, the entire city and all of its people’s lives improved. In much the same way, recruitment needs to break down the barriers that block off communication and collaborative workflows. We need to sit down and speak openly and earnestly regarding needs & the difference or inadequacies of current recruitment practices. When we unit in partnership, recruiting results in a synergy that lets all types of information and feedback flow naturally between HR, executive staff, and development teams. 

Let Us Elevate and Align Your Recruitment Processes

Here at Caissa Recruitment, we strive to break down the barriers of communication between your staff and recruitment services. Let us work with you to understand your unique staffing concerns, and elevate your brand presence in Berlin technology at the same time.

Drawing Recruitment Insight From The Berlin Wall