See How Ineffective Recruiters Reel In Leads With Fake Profiles & Automated Keyword Matching. Allow Konstanty Sliwowski, founder of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin, to take you through a look at the insights learned while recruiting recruiters for his own company. 

As Caissa expands, so does it's findings regarding the current state of the recruitment industry, and sadly there's a shadow looming behind this essential pillar of enterprise. Not all recruiters instill the same values, moral values, and dedication into their practice. 

Issue #1 - Personalized Preparation & Individual Attention

Firstly, recruiters often fall short on the most basic of all requirements - preparation. Instead of following the very advice that they pass on to each candidate, recruiters arrive without adequate knowledge of their clientele, missing key tools like a personalized questionnaire. 

Issue #2 - Encouraging Bad Business & Marketing

Secondly, certain institutions encourage underhanded practices, employing the same tactics that have been used for over ten years to exploit markets instead of helping them grow. Fake profiles are created to fulfill the ideal persona needed to initiate a conversation with prospective clients.

Fake Profiles & Targeted Advertising

Another shocking aspect of targeted marketing to emerge within the recruitment agency is the way that clients are contacted using automation & highly searched keywords and phrases. Without taking the time to understand the business, it's objects, and core needs, fake profiles, and automated messages are deployed en-masse flooding the market. 

The Foundation of Good Recruitment

A good recruiter won't need to resort to shady business dealings to con a client into conversation. Skilled recruitment agents have developed the skills and affinity to strike up conversation with those who immediately appear best suited to positions already scouted. Recruitment best practice relies on referrals, reputation management, and networking within a hub of known and trusted customers & prospects. There is no time nor need for subversion. 

Only the Best From Caissa Global Recruitment

Successful recruitment requires companies that put their candidates first, approaching each role as the unique placement that it actually is rather than relying on bulk marketing & statistics to strike up a match. Caissa Global Recruitment gives you the personal attention and precision approach needed to elevate your company & staff - allow us to elevate your recruitment process with honest business practices & dedicated support.

A Look At Fake LinkedIn Profiles & Bad Recruitment Practices