Diversifying The Needs of Gender Diversity in Recruitment for Female Developers & Engineers. Konstanty Sliwowski of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin discusses gender and diversification within IT engineering and development. 

Understanding Motivations Behind Diversification

Companies are seeking diversification at a rapidly rising rate. However, the approach of directly hiring women in tech & other female staff members to fulfil a quota is the complete wrong way to handle hiring. There are many aspects to diversity that far extend sex alone. Whether you’re male or female is but a minor classification of your diversity, and should not directly factor into placement. 

Equal Employment Rights, With a Plan

Accepting female developers over male developers is an act of discrimination over not just the other sex, but over the actual best person for the job. A recruiter must remain blind to all distinguishing factors outside of what makes the person the best match to the position, brand and role within the company. This being said, every recruitment process needs to be formulated with a balanced goal for diversity at its core. 

Fostering Growth Within the Industry

The average number of female IT graduates in Europe in Europe is just 16% which shows that this denomination needs attention and nurturing. Supporting the balancing of diversification between areas of sexuality or ethnicity is something that every enterprise needs to evaluate and plan for on a constant basis going forward but it doesn’t determine who gets hired. Hiring to tick a box won’t help encourage more female developers to find their way into the industry due to being accepted and staffed equally. Here at Caissa Recruitment we approach diversity as a whole, staffing with only the best, most balanced companies in the technology sector - let us help you secure the best placement possible in all regards. 

The Role Of Gender Diversity In Development Teams