Learn How Recruitment Fees, In Reality, Save Your Company Time & Money. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses the primary matter on the minds of most when considering a recruitment agency - recruitment fees. 

Cost of Recruiter?

Recruitment fees are the first topic of discussion to arise when most companies approach an agency. However, instead of asking 'How much does recruitment cost me?' companies should rather be thinking about how much money recruitment saves. Firstly, the average recruiter fee charged in berlin is 25% of the candidate’s annual salary - a minimal charge considering what you get. Investing time and resources into recruitment is the cornerstone of efficient business practices across all departments and industries. Just ask yourself what the project cost for delaying delivery would be? Effective recruitment allows your staff to operate unhindered by the burden of working short-staffed, or with the wrong team.

Forget the Fees - Consider the Savings

It takes hiring managers a far longer period of time to find the right person to fulfill placement. The average time for an internal hire is 16-weeks. That is sixteen weeks that your staff have to expend themselves in areas that they're not focused and perhaps not entirely suited to. This slows the performance of employees across the board, if not directly shifting project delivery dates. Switch to a leading recruitment agency, and the average hire time falls to 8 weeks or less. How much money is your time worth? Can you afford to spread your workforce then while searching for a hire internally?

Streamline & Optimize Recruitment

Here at Caissa Recruitment, we maximize the capabilities of your hiring processes to find you talented staff in the fastest time possible. Contact us today to learn how we will source you the best developers, engineers, and CTOs in Berlin.

Evaluating The Time & Money Savings Of Working With A Recruitment Agency