Are Your Frustrated With Poor Results & Low Quality CVs? It's Time To Ask Yourself If You're Committed Enough. Konstanty Sliwowski of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin poses the question, "What commitment have you given your recruitment partner?"

“Why Isn’t My Recruiter Delivering What I Want?”

At times, certain companies may be plagued with low-quality leads and unsuitable CVs driving them to find a good recruiter. Now, while service does differ from agent to agent, a weak level of commitment and engagement from the company receiving staffing support is normally noticed. No amount of raw information & organizational data is a replacement for an open business relationship where both sides have fostered clarity & communication.  If you're suffering from bad leads and poor staffing, ask yourself:

  1. Are you showing a healthy level of interest in the work being carried out for you?
  2. Have you briefed your agency regarding your exact requirements and the urgency thereof?
  3. Does your recruitment agent understand your company identity & vision?
  4. Does your recruiter have an adequate degree of access to your hiring managers & their criteria?
  5. Do you provide weekly feedback along with time in the company diary for influencer interviews?

“Why Me and What Will Make My Service Better?”

What is the incentive given to prioritizing your work, your role, and your company over another candidate? Is there any partnership other than the formal arrangement whereby you pay the recruiter once placement has been made placed? Without supplying a healthy level of social commitment to your recruitment partner, all you'll be receiving is a basic service. There's no way that this can fruit the results you're looking for. 

Support Your Recruitment Partnership

However, as you check-in, check-up, and clarify your needs, your recruiter gets to know you and your company's preferences much better. Armed with not only info but insight as well, the recruitment agency has greater motivation to find the ideal placement thanks to understanding exactly what you're looking for. Human resources and recruitment agencies should always be working together in an environment that shares collaborative goals. 

Grow Your Beneficial Business Relationship

Finding the best recruiter in Berlin will go a long way toward sorting out your human resources concerns, but only investing time & attention into growing the business relationship will deliver the success that you want and need. Communicate openly and often, while granting your recruiter enough scope within your company to evaluate and assess your needs. After all, the benefits are mutual. Caissa Recruitment strives to understand your business and brand, recruiting as a devoted partner rather than someone who simply throws candidates at you - let us handle recruitment & see first hand how much proper staffing can help your business. 

Commitment Issues & Poor Recruitment Results