Evaluating the Benefits of A Precision Approach to Recruitment Over Mass Methodology.  Konstanty Sliwowski, founder and CEO of Caissa Global, takes us through the two primary ways that companies approach recruitment. 

Mass Approach

A mass approach to hiring a headhunter relies on the recruiter to supply CVs en-masse, but no additional services are supplied. There’s no preselection, no vetting. This is perfect for a huge candidate pipeline, but it’s a massive time sink and highly inefficient. Pressure is placed on all levels of staff, as the endless hassles of filtering, interviewing, and placement unfold. 

Precision Approach

When you hire a recruitment agency, your recruiter needs to remove the burden of hiring off your company’s shoulders. This is where a precision approach shines. A precision approach utilizes a maximum of three agencies working in collaboration with your company to find the best possible candidate. This process typically involves a quick brief, detailed brief, weekly, if not biweekly meetings to clarify your needs and understand your brand, backed by phone calls & shared feedback. As the recruiter grows in partnership with your company, they become better aligned to your brand image, which also translates to personalized staffing, optimizing prescreening, and leaving you with nothing but the hire itself. D

Form A Partnership That Saves Time & Money

Yes, it does take more time liaising with your recruiter, supplying pertinent information, and growing a partnership where you’re understood as a business. When you strike a fruitful relationship with a recruitment agency using a precision approach to the best match for each position proactively, you save money, and your brand grows as a whole. That’s why Caissa Recruitment works fervently at getting to know your needs, brand and business as a whole better - help us understand you better, and let the partnership bloom into a support system that simplifies & improves staffing in every way. 

Caissa's Precision Approach To Staffing & Recruitment