Reactive Hiring vs. Proactive Hiring - Securing The Best Recruitment for Engineering & Development In Berlin. Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global, takes us through a look at  Reactive hiring vs. Proactive hiring, and how a proactive approach is optimal for in-demand positions such as Engineers and Developers. 

Reactive Hiring

Reactive hiring is the method that most people are familiar with, relying on fulfilling a position only once the person has left. A reactive staffing process waits until the company as developed a need for a replacement. This results in a string of unnecessary consequences, impairing productivity on multiple levels. Teams are left having to fill a gap that their skills aren’t necessarily the exact match to, while at the same time suffering under the pressure of handling multiple workflows. 

Proactive Hiring

There are distinct advantages that come with starting the hiring process before the need for a new staff member arises. If we take the example of an engineer within the development industry in Berlin, the average amount of time that an engineer within the development industry in Berlin will continue to work at a company is roughly 17 months. Each enterprise will vary, so be sure to evaluate your own statistics. However, at this rate, you’ll need to find ten qualified, suitable engineers to replace a team of ten members in across the course of 17-months. Waiting until one of your team members put in their notice is simply not an option. It leaves you having to select from a poor talent pool that will end up costing you more money and effort. 

Plan Ahead & Stay on Top of Staffing

Operating in a state of catch-up is clearly an inefficient way to do business. It drains your resources, jarring your focus towards a string of emergencies that leave little room for strategic decision making. Follow our HR recruitment tips - plan ahead, contact potential candidates early, and work in a close partnership with your recruiter to give yourself the quickest but most effective proactive hiring process possible.Our services here at Caissa Recruitment help you plan out the best future for your business - contact us to guarantee the smoothest staffing process possible. 

A Comparison Between Reactive & Proactive Hiring