See Why Recruitment Agencies Are So Much More Than Just A Source of CVs.  Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses the multifaceted role that recruitment agencies play, distinguishing devoted recruiters from basic providers of profiles & CVs.

Are You Getting Nothing But CVs? Switch Recruiters

Recruitment agencies are not a source of CVs. Yes, CVs from recruitment agencies are supplied, but good recruitment agencies give you far more than this basic service alone. A recruiter must be a source of qualified leads to fill complex roles within your enterprise. Your company should be working in close partnership with your choice of recruiter, who then presents him or herself as the brand representative for all prospective hires. Recruitment agency resumes are vetted, prescreened, and carefully qualified before ever reaching your HR department or hiring manager. 

Why The Quality of Your Agency Matters

This is why it's extremely important to hold expectations, which are far higher than basic CV pushing - after all, your recruiter needs to be instilled with a complete understanding of your needs and company values. A good recruitment agency will never leave you having to struggle for qualified, suitable candidates. Instead, you'll be given multiple people who are all suited for the role, having to filter who is best rather than who is capable. None of this is possible with a basic profile only.

Forming a Partnership for Perfect Placement

It is crucial to arm your recruiter with as much relevant information as possible through a detailed briefing and a series of regular feedback. It helps you understand what your recruiter's specialization is and how they can help you grow uniquely. As you can see, CVs are but a minor part of successful recruitment - a mandatory piece of information that's a part of a much larger, much more valuable service.

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An Explanation Of Why Good Recruitment Agencies Are More Than Just A Source Of CVs