Structure Recruitment Deadlines to Prioritize Hires To Build & Improve Your Brand. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses the essential role of recruitment within business.

Place Recruitment First

Recruitment is an essential function of business. Every company is built on a network of suitable staff members, and every movement forward hinges upon hiring the right person or people for the job. Improvement, innovation, and expansion are all dependent on recruitment. No part of an enterprise can operate with being adequately staffed. Yet, this core need is far too often overlooked, even when it’s clear that the most successful businesses have focused on staff and recruitment. 

Take a Lesson from Netflix

Netflix is a fantastic example of a successful company that has put people first - both those who work at the company and those being hired are prioritized. The only way to miss a management meeting at Netflix is to have an interview instead. Recruitment is the priority one for this media giant, showing us just how important recruitment is as a commitment. It needs to take precedence. 

Set a Hiring Deadline

Set deadlines to staffing concerns, structuring definite processes, and set out segmented goals. Recruitment needs to be managed just like any other area of business, such as sales, marketing, finance, or support. Without efficient, strategic recruiting, all of these roles, and more suffer.

Let Us Optimize Your Recruiting

This is why Caissa Recruitment works with you to form a recruitment deadline & timelines, empowering your processes with accountability and a tactical framework for finding staff and hitting brand-building goals. Contact us to learn how you can supercharge your hiring cycle within Berlin’s tech sector. 

How Recruitment Deadlines Help Prioritize Hires & Improve Company Branding