Recruitment Fees Berlin: See Why You Really Get What You Pay For. Allow Konstanty Sliwowski of Caissa Global Recruitment to give you first-hand look at recruiter fees and how higher fees can mean better service.

Why Recruitment Fees Matter

Recruiters and recruitment agencies supply their services at varying rates, and yes, there is a healthy degree of competition within pricing brackets, but ultimately - you get what you pay for when it comes to recruitment fees.  Low fees equal poor service and endless problems.

Low Fees Come With A Hidden Cost

Some recruiters arrive with recruitment fees as low as 12 or 15%, but this doesn’t guarantee their focus or dedicated staffing support. Recruiters like this are prone to taking on tons of clients while at the same time amassing hordes of CVs. All this does is create an unnecessary burden on the recruiter’s clients, creating unnecessary work for human resources who are forced to filter far too many applicants. With nothing but fast money driving their intent, there is little reputation to uphold.

How Higher Fees Help You

However, switch to headhunter fees on the higher end of the scale, and you’ve got a completely different situation arising. A real relationship forms, bolstering by the backing of proper pricing, reliable reputation management, and the guarantee that your recruiter is experienced and specialized in your sector. More expensive recruiters come with the benefits of relevant networks filled with viable, vetted candidates rather than an array of people who are simply qualified to do the job.

Hallmarks of Success

Look for a recruiter that has a long track record of successful placements with contactable references that verify the value of their service & dedicated support rather than mundane staffing using nothing but CVs. With more than money motivating each action taken to find your company a candidate, or a position for any person, you’re supported from the best possible vantage point. Caissa Recruitment gives you world-class prescreening, vetting, and talent from a well-nurtured networks of professionals and enterprises - let us handle your hiring and learn the true value of staffing support that cares. 

A Look At Recruitment Fees In Berlin