Reeling in Recruitment Spam on LinkedIn - Learn Where Over 20 Monthly Reach Outs Per Developer Originate. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses recruitment spam on LinkedIn, and what you should look for in a reliable recruiter.

Not All Linkedin Recruitment Messages Are Real

Caissa Recruitment's most recent Annual Recruitment Survey discovered that there is a massive number of reach outs occurring. Potential employees are flooded by both legitimate and spam inquiries, but unfortunately, the largest volume of these are automated. Technology is one of the most spammed industries due to the massive demand, especially in the areas of AI and machine learning.

Tech's Rising Demand

The average engineer or developer receives 17.9 reach outs each month. As the experience and seniority rise, so does the number of times the candidate is petitioned with potential job opportunities. Developers with over ten years worth of experience receive over 21 reach outs a month. Python developers are in equal massive demand reaching a total of over 26 reach outs, as is the case for Ruby Developers. Even Java Developers are getting over 14 reach outs, while isolated skilled candidates have been found to get as many as 96 in a single month.

Is Your Recruiter Doing Enough?

It's essential for all companies to consider the quality of recruitment that they're receiving. Evaluate whether you're getting the service and leads that you need. Does your recruiter have a specialized talent pool suited to your brand and business, or are they very general in their approach? The choice is yours, but specialized placement fruits rewards and benefits that basic staffing can't compare to.

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A Look At Recruitment Spam on LinkedIn