The days when highly skilled candidates were lining up for jobs are long gone. Unfortunately, the mindset and hiring practices by many employers have not kept up pace with the changes in the market.

We are clearly on the cusp of the next technology boom, with technology already changing the way we hire. This also means that both technical staff and management experts in this field are in already high demand. We expect this interest to continue to grow.

Twenty or thirty years ago, this would mean that companies would go into a full out salary bidding war with usually the big players winning over the smaller companies. This, however, is no longer the case. The playing field has changed. The candidates are not as easily brought over by an increase in salary.

Of course, there will always be those who can be bought, but generation X and Y are shunning both the 9 to 5 mentality and working purely for financial gain.


It is time that hiring managers realise the change in approach by the new generation and make changes accordingly. Otherwise, they risk missing out on great talent, as well as losing some of their own staff to competitors who understand that work needs to be engaging and the environment fun. This is where internal marketing and internal branding comes in.

It is crucial that the hiring part of the interview (every interview in the process) focuses on selling the position, company, and feel of the organisation to candidates. In simple words, it is an opportunity for the company branding exercise.


Good candidates are usually speaking with several companies at a time and will not move for a few extra Euros. They need to know: 

  • Why a company is exciting?
  • What type of organisation it is? 
  • Why do people want to work there? 
  • Why would they choose to spend 14 hours at the office?

People are no longer looking for a safe place to work, but a safe, creative, energetic, friendly, professional, active, engaging and fun place — ideally with “awesome” technical solutions and an interesting challenge — that will enable them to make a leap in their careers.

As headhunters who actively work with passive candidates, we hear these candidates' demands very often and know for a fact that they are deadly serious.

This is also why it is crucial for businesses to learn to sell themselves to potential hires, the process known as internal branding. It is not only about the money, but the environment, opportunity, and organisation.

The sooner hiring managers learn to include a sales pitch in their interviews, the sooner they will attract better and more motivated talent.

In simple words:

  • Employers can't rely on high salaries anymore to attract top talent
  • Company internal marketing plays a key role in retaining employees and attracting the young generation.
  • The interview process is a perfect opportunity for a company branding exercise, use it.
An Explanation Of Why Hiring Offers The Perfect Branding Opportunity