Recruitment is increasingly becoming a hot topic with good talent being more sought after. Companies are also looking for an increase in staff as a result of the upturn in the economy. This is why it is becoming more important how the recruitment process is handled and why we start viewing it as more than a process.

Recruitment needs to be seen as a form of marketing because it has a direct, lasting, and very personal effect on the image of a company.

This is why it is essential for companies to choose the right recruitment partners, as the experience they provide to candidates is a direct reflection of the company and will ultimately have a huge impact on the way a candidate sees a potential employer.

It is also crucial for the in-house recruitment function to be professional, efficient, organised, and delivering a good snapshot of the company culture. This is where digital marketing recruitment comes in, as it provides multiple digital platforms to market and promote the company.


A candidate will, in most cases, form their opinion about a company based on the recruitment process. This is why your recruitment process is an opportunity for internal branding.

If they are treated unprofessionally, they not only will leave the company but also tell people about the experience. This results in damage to the brand image and, ultimately, the further hiring efforts of a business.

As with many things in recruitment, this is a double-edged sword that applies just as much to candidates. The recruitment process is as much an exercise for the company to portray the right image to the candidate, as it is for the candidate to portray the right image to the company.

Recruitment is not something that is limited to CV and interviews. A lot matters for the talent you are looking for:

  • The way you communicate
  • The time it takes you to reply¬†
  • The style in which you reply
  • How you present yourself in interviews
  • How you speak with the receptionist
  • The colour of your shoes and any other spoken or unspoken means of presenting yourself¬†

All this needs to be seen as a marketing exercise.

The recruitment process is an opportunity for you to market your brand (i.e. you) and present yourself or your company in a positive way.

It is crucial that both candidates and companies remain conscious of this fact and treat each other with the respect and professionalism that is due.

In a nutshell:

  • Recruitment is not only about hiring, but also about internal branding.
  • The recruitment process is an opportunity for both the candidate and the company to sell themselves.
  • Make sure to utilize modern options like digital marketing recruitment for company marketing.
DIscussing Why Recruitment Is A Marketing Opportunity