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Quotes from Candidates

What's it like to find a new job with Caissa?

Web developers, software engineers, and CTO's explain what it's like to work with Caissa. 

I had a very good experience with Caissa Global, very professional and clear about the process in interviews. Always got constructive feedback. Thanks a lot. :)

Jorge Cárdenas Reyes


I was approached by Cassia on a recruiting process and they were extremely professional and helpful to make it the best experience possible for all parties involved. They were able to get me up to speed to the opportunity as well to guide me through the process from the first contact to onboarding.

Fausto Rodrigues

Software Engineer at Delivery Hero

Quotes from Clients

What's it like to fill tech roles with Caissa?

Caissa's clients explain what it's like to work with the Caissa Team.

Top talent comes from these guys.

Ricardo Souza

Senior Engineer

They've quickly learned our culture and hiring needs. Helping us develop and perfect our approaches to talent acquisition on the way.

Vojtech Vondra

Senior Director Software Engineering at Delivery Hero

Executive search in tech: 10 weeks from client brief to new CTO starting

Recruitment Case study: Debitos

Executive search in tech: 10 weeks from client brief to new CTO starting

Debitos, an online platform for trading debt between banks and corporates needed a CTO who could consolidate all development under one roof with a unified in-house structure. Venture capital firm Paua Ventures stepped in and initiated the search for a CTO with Caissa.

Caissa put forward Frederik Tylleman, a Citi Group veteran who progressed from Web and Applications Developer to Senior Programmer Analyst. He won the role, and is happily situated at Debitos today. This entire process, from Paua’s brief on the role to Frederik sitting at his new desk took 10 weeks.

London candidate to Berlin fintech

Recruitment Case study: Raisin

London candidate to Berlin fintech

Raisin is a FinTech startup focused on digital accessibility of investment data for customers, with €6bn in assets under management. In the brief to Caissa, Raisin said a Release Manager was required. Upon reviewing the role, Caissa saw the experience in DevOps, product ownership, QA, and release management would be most accurately positioned as a “Process Owner for Continuous Delivery” so the position title was changed to drive the most relevant candidates.

There are not many Process Owners in Berlin with experience in release management and deployment cycles so Raisin was prepared to relocate the ideal candidate. Quickly after, Caissa delivered Serban Gilvitu, a Londoner with perfectly relevant experience, for an in-person interview in Raisin’s Berlin office. Serban is now settled at Raisin.

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