Attract A-Players.

Senior engineering talent gets 16 recruitment messages a month. If they accept an offer (which is not guaranteed with the average industry rate around 65%), they usually stay in the job for 1,5 years. Do you know how to attract and retain them? The key is a well-defined engineering culture and a powerful employer brand that answers their expectations.

The A-Player Experience.

We've partnered with a leading communications consultancy Eo Ipso and created a 3-step program that will allow you to become an employer of choice for top engineering talent. 

• Define your engineering culture 

• Refine your employer brand

• Perfect your hiring process

What We Offer

1. Engineering Culture

We help you determine what makes your engineering organization unique. We conduct interviews with your team members and learn how you communicate, how you measure success and give kudos, who your tech role models are, etc. In the end we deliver a manual with your engineering org core values and a candidate persona for your ideal culture fit.

2. Employer Brand

We combine your engineering culture with our knowledge of engineering A-Players based on 12 years of experience working with them. We look into your existing employer brand activities and assets, and conduct a 1-day workshop to brainstorm and refine your unique value proposition. Deliverable? An employer branding book with assets and key messages.

3. Hiring Process

The true A-Player Experience emerges when a stellar hiring process comes into play. We look into your existing hiring practices and introduce our signature brand-led attraction methodology, which consists of additional hiring touch-points (did you know you should have at least 36?), a JD template, list of interview questions to test culture fit, interview training materials for hiring managers and much much more.

4. The A-Player Experience

Congratulations! You are an employer of choice. You have implemented a brand aligned recruitment process that will attract A-Players who align with your vision. You are now able to attract and retain the very best talent in a fiercely competitive landscape.

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