Here, Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Network, talks about what sets you apart as the best recruitment agency - why candidates come to you. He explains the biggest demerit of chasing candidates without a solid back up and talks about the essentials to engage with top-notch experts.

Go through the details in this video transcript:

If you are asking yourself the question “How do I get more candidates?” You are asking the wrong question and it will cost you time and money unless you stop to ask the right question.

The right questions to ask: 

  • Why should candidates choose me over the other companies? 
  • Why should candidates choose us over the competition? Why us? 
  • What do we, as an organisation, have to offer that the others don’t? 
  • What values and opportunities do we have? 
  • What do we bring to the table for employees? 
  • What is our story? How is it unique? 
  • Why do they want to be part of it? That is the real question. Because if you are so focused on getting more candidates, here is what is going to happen. 

You will get a lot of candidates. It actually is not that complicated. But in doing so, you will get a lot of candidates and not a lot of hires because people will come to the table and go “We are here; we are candidates; what do you have for us?” 

You will realise that few of them are actually the ones you would want to hire. And the ones you do want to hire, you will have nothing to offer to because: 

  • You have no clear positioning as an employer
  • No differentiation, 
  • No real story that engages, and 
  • No real compelling reason... work with you and dedicate their skills to your business instead of the competition or somebody that will pay them more or offer them an extra perk.

So sure, you can get lots of candidates but no exceptional dedicated A-player hires you can retain because you don’t know why people should choose you.

Make no mistake about it. You are not the only game in town. So asking yourself this is what will differentiate you from the competition, from other employers. 

This is what gets you great hires that stay.

In short, here’s what you should consider to be a go-to recruitment agency:

  • Ask yourself, why candidates should come to you. The competition in the recruitment industry is stiff. So, what makes you stand out?
  • Getting good candidates doesn’t always help. You may get good ones but you don’t have the jobs according to their skills.
  • Have a good backup. Make sure you have good jobs and salary packages to offer to the candidates.

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