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Great teams can change a company’s trajectory, and building a great team is both a science and an art. A practice we’ve perfected, having partnered with Berlin’s most innovative companies and cutting edge talent to help build game changing teams. Meet our team, changing the face of recruitment in Berlin for the better.

Konstanty Sliwowski headshot

Konstanty Sliwowski

CEO & Founder

Konstanty Sliwowski is Caissa's CEO & Founder and has been involved in the staffing industry for more than a decade.

After many successful years in one of the largest staffing firms in the world, where he set up and managed a team responsible for permanent ERP staffing within Central and Eastern Europe, Konstanty established Caissa with the intent of providing clients with a more effective, quality driven and, above all, people focused headhunting service.

He began his career at Research Triangle Institute, world leading think tank, where he worked on staffing solutions for government aid and reconstruction missions in Europe and the Middle East.

Konstanty holds an MA in Modern History and Politics from Oxford University.

Fabienne Schlangen headshot

Fabienne Schlangen

Head of Partnerships

Fabienne is Caissa’s Head of Partnerships and brand ambassador.

After university Fabienne found herself in the realm of HR and recruiting, namely in aviation engineering, where she gained 9 years of experience. Tech scale-ups have become an integral part of Berlin's culture, much like Currywurst and Kebap, which is why it was a natural decision for her to switch to the world of IT.

Fabienne values relationships and prefers them to lose connections. She always strives to understand problems from different perspectives first and then come up with creative solutions. At the moment, she is determined to take on her next challenge — making Caissa the best-known hiring partner on Berlin’s tech scene.

Albin Bánkúti headshot

Albin Bánkúti

Executive Search Specialist

Albin is Executive Search Specialist and Selection Partner at Caissa. He is an expert in ERP & ICT Profiles, targeted executive headhunting and business development. He was previously at Modis International, part of the world’s largest recruitment group (Adecco), where he was senior ICT recruiter and account manager for clients in the DACH and BENELUX regions.

Albin Bankuti holds a BA in International Business from Avans Hogeschool in Breda and in International Marketing from the College of Management and Business Studies in Budapest.

Aleksandra Piechota headshot

Aleksandra Piechota

Head of Talent Management

Aleks is the Head of Talent Management with Caissa Recruitment, where she works directly with all Talent Managers to promote best practices across the team on the end-to-end recruitment process. With an impressive track record of both agency and in-house recruiting experience, Aleks thrives on helping engineers and developers reach their personal and professional goals.

Aleks’ mission to help people extends to all aspects of her life. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, as well as a nutritional and life coach. When not cooking up a delicious meal, she enjoys traveling to find her next recipe.

Sowmya Velpuri headshot

Sowmya Velpuri

Talent Manager

Sowmya is a Talent Manager at Caissa Recruitment. She has three years of experience in end-to-end recruitment and HR. Prior to joining Caissa, she worked as a Tech Recruiter in one of the largest staffing companies. She handled a diverse set of requirements including Frontend, Backend, Product, and Engineering Managers for start-ups and multinationals across various industries.

She holds a master's degree in management with a focus on Human Resources & Operations. When not helping others to take the next step in their career, she enjoys cooking, travelling and exploring new places.

Yasmine Guerin headshot

Yasmine Guerin

Talent Manager

Yasmine is a Talent Manager for Caissa Recruitment, where she makes use of her extensive experience in diversity, inclusion and gender equality to make placements that allow the right candidates to thrive with the right companies. She is a certified mediator, negotiation coach, and founder of "Negotiatress" - an initiative providing the tools for women to negotiate better and more confidently for themselves. 

Yasmine cares deeply for the human factor, and has previously used her skills in mediating social & civil conflicts, leading dialogue programmes and spearheading mutually beneficial solutions for business conflicts in the private sector. 

She holds a Masters in Conflict Research, and B.A.s in Economics and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Claudia Stagni headshot

Claudia Stagni

Talent Manager

Claudia is a Talent Manager with Caissa Recruitment, focusing on finding the executive talent within the tech industry. Using her previous experience in recruitment and management consulting, she works closely with our candidates assisting them to make their next career move. Her drive and dedication to helping others succeed are the key factors in her achievements, both personally and professionally. 

She holds a BA in Business Management from FGV School of Business Administration in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

In her free time, Claudia enjoys taking pictures, practising yoga, surfing and biking with her dogs.

Natalia Sugimoto headshot

Natalia Sugimoto

Operations Manager

Natalia believes that a successful company starts with a vibrant team spirit.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of day-to-day activities that are essential to the operation of the office and supporting the team with all the running of the business operations, Natalia also likes to enrich the team connection by planning fun events. Natalia has working experience in Business & Project Management in high-pace environments such as Investment Banking and startups, and she finds Berlin an amazing tech hub and one-of-a-kind city. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city and trying different cuisines.

Natalia holds a BA in Business Management from FGV School of Business Administration in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Wilbur von Biscuit headshot

Wilbur von Biscuit

Chief Wellbeing Officer

Wilbur is responsible for inspiring laughs and smiles. “A clean place makes a happy space” is his moto, driving his rigorous commitment to clean floors. He also encourages Caissa team members to exercise by taking them on regular walks around the Mitte neighborhood in Berlin.

Beyond work, Wilbur enjoys park life, a good ride in the car commuting to work, and the cafe culture of Berlin. Otherwise, he rests for approximately 85% of the day on his strategically positioned dog beds.

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