This informative video by Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, emphasizes why you should worry about all the recruitment steps in between getting accepted by candidates and final hiring. He explains how one of his staff has been maintaining a 100% deal-closing record.

Read on the transcript below to find out more.

Ever heard of closing the deal? It is a term we often hear in recruitment. 

  • Have you closed that candidate yet? 
  • Have you closed that job yet? 

I have been guilty of asking these questions for years myself until I realized just how transactional, impersonal, and last step focused this is. 

For you see, if you just focus on the offer, you miss the part about the human. You know, that part about mission, vision, values, drivers, culture, and personal objectives - those critical aspects that ensure successful alignment between candidates, hiring manager, and company.

In fact, I was speaking with one of my staff yesterday about candidates we are representing with our clients and how their hiring processes are progressing. 

  • We did also touch on the topic of the likelihood of offers and the candidates accepting these offers. 
  • We track this data as we believe it is a critical indicator for the quality of the process we execute for our clients.

Now to be fair, this person on my team has a 100% offer acceptance rate among his candidates. He has not had a single offer rejected in nearly 18 months by this point. 

So I asked him: 

  • How do you do it? 
  • How do you make sure it is a match to the extent that the offer is not rejected? 

His answer was, “It is simple!” 

In fact, he just checked his touchpoints and candidate communication log. He averages 40-60 touchpoints with every candidate he successfully works with and helps in their next career move. 

He doesn’t need to “close the deal”. 

  • It is not a transaction to him 
  • It is personal 

And by the time a candidate reaches the final interview stages, he has already fully established alignment between the candidate and the hiring company. 

He knows that both the client and candidate know what they need from one another - not only in terms of money but, more importantly, in terms of: 

  • Values
  • Aspirations
  • Common goals
  • Career progression, and 
  • Culture 

The process and touchpoints, throughout are designed to ensure this. And this is why we don’t talk of closing and instead focus on effective engagement and representation throughout the process.

How is your process designed to ensure engagement and alignment with your candidates? 

In order to close every deal successfully, you must:

  • Have a humanistic approach. Instead of focussing on the offer, you must take into account the mission, vision, values, cultures, and other elements that define a company. 
  • Focus on your candidate. How good are your offers and what are their acceptance levels?
  • Track your offer acceptance data. It indicates the quality of the process the recruitment agency has implemented.
  • Focus on candidates’ touchpoints. Make it smooth for your candidates to get aligned with your client’s requirements.

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