Recruitment in the time of pandemic is challenging. We are here for YOU and we believe that sharing is caring! That's why we want to share our successful practices. We believe that together we can create new value and be an inspiration for each other.

Empathy in tech recruitment, writing meaningful messages to people we engage with, being effective but human at the same time , are principles that drive our team at Caissa. We use a verity of tools to implement those principles into practice. We shared some of them in our first live Webinar last week!

We're sharing the recording from Caissa's webinar on Effective Reach Out Messages In The New Normal. Recruitment In The Time of Pandemic. The event was dedicated to our partners and network, but we now want to make it public and available for everyone.

The video includes:

✅ Screenshots & real-life examples of messages and responses they generated.

✅ Checklist for you to use with your future messages.

✅ Humor! We have shared how we (try) to approach candidates with humor. Hopefully, you will join us in some laughs 😃

Message us if you have any questions!