What is the salary of a Engineering Team Lead in Berlin, Germany? 

In 2022, €97,000 is the average salary of an Engineering Team Lead in Berlin, Germany. The range for Engineering Team Lead salaries in Berlin is €85,000 to €110,000 on average. Salaries for this position depend on various factors, including the hiring company's compensation package, the scope of technology and the candidate's past experience.

Engineering Team Lead salaries in Berlin, Germany range from €85,000 to €110,000.

What is the salary for a Engineering Manager in Berlin, Germany?

€114,000 is the average salary for an Engineering Manager in Berlin, Germany in 2022. The salary range for Engineering Managers is from €97,500 to €125,000 per year, and is often based upon the type of compensation package offered and funding phase of the company.

What is the salary level of an Engineering Manager in Berlin? €114,000 on average in 2022.

What is a Senior Engineering Manager salary in Berlin? 

€140,000 is the average salary for a Senior Engineering Manager based in Berlin, Germany. Salaries typically range from €135,000 to €160,500 and reflect several factors, like scope and size of the team, type of technology and overall compensation package and bonuses.

The salary range for a Senior Engineering Manager in Berlin ranges from €135,000 - €160,000.

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