Here, Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, talks about the real purpose of recruitment, especially for the technology industry. His tips include shifting the approach from traditional recruitment to a more strategic and growth-oriented approach.

Here’s the video transcript:

Recently in conversation, I was told something that has really stuck with me.

To achieve real success in this disrupted world right now, 

  • We need to stop being motivated by what we are seeking to avoid 
  • Instead, be motivated by what we are trying to achieve

Of course, we all have the pandemic, the disruption to our “normal life”, and the economic implications at the forefront of our minds. These, though, are the things we are running away from. We are looking to escape them. 


  • What are you trying to achieve? 
  • What are you running towards? 
  • How do you want to move the world forward?

Getting the world moving means: 

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Growth 

By growth, I don’t mean economic growth (though that won’t hurt) but personal and organisational growth.

For me, what I am planning to achieve, what I have been working towards is to change how companies recruit engineering teams. 

We rely on companies innovating and bringing products to market that help us move forward as individuals and society. It is about building the future

And yet, recruitment has traditionally been tactical, even transactional. Traditionally, 

  • It has been about hiring a person to do a job. 
  • It was definitely not approached from the perspective of how will this person help us build a product, as well as an organisation that will shift the world. 

This is also why hiring has traditionally focused on immediate skillsets and not potential.  Candidate experience was an afterthought. Effect of the candidate experience on recognition, perception of company impact, and the brand was a distant 3rd (if even considered). 

And yet, how important the candidate experience is in the equation. How important it is for retention. 

How strategic of an impact it has on: 

  • The ability to attract, hire and retain staff, and 
  • How the business is perceived by the market.

When we recruit for our clients, we do that through a brand-defined and brand-led recruitment process. This is by design. I know it sounds nice but what does this mean. 

And why is this important? Well, it means that: 

  • We take time to understand you and your brand
  • We define the hiring process by its ability to not only vet candidates but also on how it attracts and represents you as an employer to them, and 
  • We focus on effective representation of our clients TO the candidate market

This is what we are building. This is what we run to. What about you?

In sum, companies should:

  • Change the way they recruit developers, engineers, and Chief Technology Officers. Strategic executive recruitment results in personal and organisational growth.
  • Look into the possibilities. If the candidate can build the product and the organisation’s reputation.
  • Work with recruiters that understand their brand. You need a recruiter who not only gets the right talent but also represents your company effectively.

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