Konstanty Sliwowski, the founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, is in conversation with Monique Zytnik of The Mentoring Club. Listen to the podcast, where they discuss ways of using the hiring process as a communication tool for modern businesses. 

The hiring process is used by organizations to attract the crème de la crème of employees. But to get the best, companies must learn to communicate their brand image in ways that attract the right person for the right job. The hiring process can serve as a tool to convey an organization's mission, vision, and values.

Konstanty emphasizes effective strategic hiring that focuses on employing the right people through a well-defined hiring process that reflects an organization's values and goals. After all, the hiring process is a clear reflection of your organization and its efforts to attract and retain the best hires for the long term. 

But how can organizations tell if they are any good at it?

The Hiring Process: Are Companies Doing It Right?

According to Konstanty, most companies think they are good at hiring, but they really aren't. 

Often, hiring managers boast of conducting great interviews that unravel prospects in no time at all, but that's not always the case. Most times, the hiring happens without focusing on what the organization can offer to enhance the candidate's experience with them.

The HR department and the recruitment teams are too overwhelmed with numbers and the pressure of delivering the desired results. This transactional nature of hiring overburdens the interviewers and the recruitment teams, leaving no room for them to ensure a good candidate journey.

The Role Of Marketing And Internal Communications In Hiring 

Konstanty states that many companies do not understand the role of marketing and internal communications in a well-defined hiring process. Recruitment agencies view marketing as a department that is responsible for making attractive and compelling presentations. Or they view marketing as a platform for communicating the organization's values to make enticing job descriptions for their potential candidates. 

Good candidate experience is all about creating engagement, communication, and offering the opportunity for conversations. This is exactly what marketing and communication stand for, which is why Konstanty emphasizes that the effective use of these tools can pave the way for a good candidate experience. 

Customer Experience Can Inspire Better Candidate Recruitment Experience

The customer experience shares various similarities with a candidate's recruitment experience. 

Consider how a prospect joins the sales funnel and goes through it step-by-step to become a paying customer. Similarly, a possible employee passes through different touchpoints with the organization until they are hired. 

The brand image and pretty logos might attract the candidate, but their experience with an organization's recruitment process helps get them on board. 

Whether an organization is looking for executive recruitment or has other positions to fill, they'll go through the standard three-step recruitment process. It usually consists of 38 potential touchpoints in addition to the interviews. These touchpoints serve as a massive opportunity for companies to display their values, agendas, and create engagement with the candidate. 

This is important because people want to work with brands that align with their values and their lives. So, companies that can communicate their values in the best possible ways are the ones winning.

How Can A Hiring Process Be Used As A Communication Tool?

  • Interviews are supposed to drive conversations rather than interrogations
  • Marketing and communication creates conversations that drive good candidate experiences
  • Communication through a hiring process is all about how you make a candidate feel
  • Creating marketing material specifically for attracting candidates reflects the seamless hiring process of an organization.

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