Interview Tip: Always Ask Yourself - What Ten Questions What I Ask If I Was Hiring For This Position?  Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, gives us a look at a key exercise that can be used to prepare for an upcoming interview. 

Preparation Is Your Foundation

It is astounding just how many people go into an interview without preparing at all. Without preparation, every interview is nothing but a waste of time. You need to know all of the basic pertinent details, including all the information of the company you're applying to, the position & its responsibilities, and what you can expect in terms of interview structure. Next time you've got an interview coming up, devise ten questions that you'd ask yourself if you were hiring for the role in question.

Come Up With 10 Interview Questions

Determine ten basic questions that would highlight your suitability for the position. Use references from obstacles that you overcame and exact career examples. Structure the imaginary interview however you want, but make sure that the questions are realistic. Spend as much time as you need to come up with situations and experiences that show just how strong you are in a particular skill or role. Once you've brainstormed all your questions, you'll find that your mind is much better prepared for the experience to come. You can then approach your interview with confidence, and an abundance of thoughts to show just how valuable you are as an employee. 

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Try This Interview Question Tip - Brainstorm 10 Questions You'd Ask If Hiring