What is a PHP Developer Salary in Berlin, Germany?

€73,400 is the PHP Developer's average Salary in Berlin, Germany in 2022.  There is a range of salaries, depending on elements like experience and the total compensation package; for a PHP developer in Berlin the typical salary range is €65,000 to €81,600. 

€73,400 is the average a PHP Developer or Engineer will find in Berlin, Germany in 2022.

This post provides salary information for PHP Developers in 2021.

PHP Influencers & Resources in Berlin, Germany

  • The International PHP Conference is one of the most notable PHP events.  Here is a video outlining the 2021 hybrid event. 
  • Never Code Alone has put on a number of videos and events across Germany regarding PHP, some in Berlin. So check them out too. 
  • The founder of Never Code Alone, Roland Golla, is a PHP expert and trainer. Check out his website regarding PHP resources here

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