See How Time Spent With The Right Recruiter Is An Investment Into Your Company’s Growth & Success.  Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO of Caissa Global Recruitment in Berlin, takes us through a look at how building a relationship with your recruiter pays off dividends in a range of different ways.

Why The Right Recruiter Matters

The relationship that you form with your recruiter has a direct impact on the quality of the candidates found to fulfill your roles. Recruiters will low fees are not investing in your best interests, instead trying to fulfill quantity rather than provide a quality recruitment service that leaves you happy in every way. A string of CVs that aren’t properly qualified does nothing other than burden your HR department with poor leads. 

Evaluating Recruitment Fees 

Hiring a recruitment agency with higher recruitment fees supply the monetary motivation and need to uphold a reputation which translates to a recruiter that does everything possible to understand your company and its needs better. The right recruiter who is armed with a proper briefly, frequent contact, regular feedback, and a healthy level of engagement will find you the perfect staff. Engineers, developers, and other team members who have the ability to carry the message of your company, its structure, and unique goals to fruition.

Recruitment - More Than Basic Hiring

Your recruiter is not only a source of CVs but rather a vital component of your marketing and branding, as well. Employing a candidate who is fully qualified for the position but misaligned to your company image is an onboarding liability. Yes, they may adjust over time, but the perfect match to a role in your enterprise needs to collaborate well from the start, carrying the right attitude and personality along with the correct skillset. The only way to ensure the proper placement is to hire a headhunter like Caissa Recruitment who has your interests at heart, and work closely with your motivated recruiter.

How Investing Time Into Your Recruiter Translates To Great Results