Tired Of Poor Results From Your Recruiter? Try Reevaluating Their Abilities & Your Expectations. Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, answers the question, “Why don’t we receive good profiles from recruiters?”

Why are Recruiters Bad?

There are usually two reasons for poor recruiting. Either you’re dealing with a bad recruiter, or you’re working with a recruiter who isn’t specialized. The recruiter may not have a thorough enough understanding of your needs and industry to deliver effective candidates. However, if you’re working with a devoted, experienced recruiter, then there could be other underlying issues. 

Analyze The Market & Your Hiring Criteria

At times, what you are looking for is not simply aligned with what the market has to offer. In many cases, the profiles that you’re looking for are not well-matched enough to what you’re looking for, but have you actually found any viable candidate yet? Have you tried looking in a higher-budget? Perhaps the unique skillset & experience that you’re asking for is simply not available to your demographics and salary scale. One has to begin looking at areas of compromise and alternate solutions for efficient onboarding. If your profiles are only a 70 or 80% match then training might be an option - it may be your only option. Certain skills and affinities can’t be cut from a job, but supplemental education is always there. 

What to Do About Poor Recruitment Results

If you haven’t received any good profiles for quite a while, then it is time to start asking yourself whether or not the position can be filled at all. Analyze the candidates that you have been put in contact with and consider to what degree they’re a partial match, and what is missing. Discussing these differences with your recruiter goes a long way towards improving your hiring processes.

Allow Us to Streamline & Improve Your Search

This is why Caissa Recruitment prefers to be seen as a recruitment partner rather than a basic agency. We work closely with your staff to develop hiring processes that remove all the burden from human resources, instead empowering you with rapid staffing and perfect placement for each role. Contact us to learn how to improve your profiles received and recruitment as a whole.

A Look At Poor Recruitment Results & What Can Be Done About Them