‘Spray & Pray’ - A Recruitment Approach to Avoid Like the Plague.  Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO and founder of Caissa Global Recruitment, discusses the ‘Spray & Pray’ approach used by countless recruiters who fail to focus on the needs of the company & candidate first. 

“Who Cares Who You Actually Are”

The shocking truth is that far too many recruiters rely on bombarding candidates from any suitable demographic with positions that they will hopefully be skilled-enough to apply for. For example, Konstanty Sliwowski himself has been approached with prospective placement for a Senior Java Developer position despite having no working knowledge of current coding at all. 

Bulk Backhanded Business Practices

Potential hires are contacted in bulk, often using automation and generic messages such as email and LinkedIn spam. This approach can be defined as nothing but spam. It is unfortunately used by both in-house recruiters at certain agencies, and by entire agencies on instruction as a part of low quality best practices. If you notice this type of recruitment spam.

Finding The Right Recruiter

Your recruiter or recruitment agency needs to do everything in their power to come to a complete understanding of your unique staffing concerns. Good recruitment relies on proper preparation and a partnership that’s constantly improving the way that candidates are screened. ‘Hit-and-miss’ tactics are nothing but a waste of time and your company’s resources. Let Caissa Recruitment handle your hiring instead and guarantee your company and candidates the best hiring process possible. 

A Look At Questionable Marketing - Spray & Pray, Recruitment To Avoid